Randix HG-40P Turntable Boombox  

An interesting boombox with removable speakers and a turntable that rotates out from its innards. Quality may not be that great, but it seems to work fairly well.

There’s a lot more info and pictures on Boomboxery

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Nice Render  

This just appeared online. Think this is a 3D render.Looks too clean to be a photo to me. Nice angle and colours. Reminds me of this one that was for sale back in 2013.

By Jason Zigrino from Florida. Found on Dribbble

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PS-F5 For Sale on US eBay  


Aaron contacted the site to say he’s just listed this on a Buy It Now, but with best offers accepted:

View on eBay

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PS-F5 For Sale on UK eBay  


A few days left to go on this auction- serviced and ready to go. This is a demo video of actual player.

Here’s the eBay page link

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Pressing Matters in Jamaica  

Awesome five minute documentary about the current state of the once mighty vinyl industry in Jamaica and how the locals hope to resuscitate it.


From Vinyl Factory

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New Turntable- The (semi?) Portable Love  

Looks like this design might actually make it to production (unlike other vapourware such as the Linos). A Kickstarter campaign is promised soon and those interested can sign up for a notification email.


Interesting concept and looking forward to reading more about its details and some reviews.

Find out more at Coming Soon Tech

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Ahhhh Freak Out!  

Check out this amazing turntable related art freakout!

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Newly launched Global Record Store Map: recordstores.love  

A new record shop location service has been launched:


Brought to you by the same people as recordstores.org – this is an updated and optimised version of that site, which renders well on mobile devices.

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Clean PS-F5 for sale on eBAY UK  

This looks like one of the cleaner players I’ve seen-

Clean PS-F5


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Sony PS-F9 for sale in Canada  

Hello- a PS-F9 owner contacted me to say he’s selling his player. Looks in great condition from the photos, so grab it if you’re after a clean F9 and funds allow.

Check the auction link here: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/252430274495

International shipping is included.


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