Please let me know if you have anything to say about or add to the site. Be great to hear from you.

Note: the FAQ system is currently down as the plugin I was using for it stopped being developed and was no longer compatible with the rest of the website. I’m currently working on replacing it. So for now, have a check around the site, and ask me if you can’t find the answers to your questions. But to save us both the time, I don’t have any units for sale and don’t know any repair places other than what I’ve added to the blog section.
I do have a PS-F5 that was beyond repair and I’m selling parts from, so do get in touch if you’re in need of parts as I might still have what you need.

If you have a question, please check the FAQ section before sending a message. Due to the amount of email received and limited time, questions that are answered in the FAQ will be ignored.

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