Linos Portable Record Player

This is a concept at the moment, but looks pretty cool:linos2

The designer, Charles Pyott, says:

“This was a quick project I did to create a small portable record player for the casual vinyl crowd. The main innovation is a space saving design that “clamps” the record into place instead of using the traditional platter layout. The inspiration for the design was to use flowing lines that gave the impression of passing through the record with bright colors to underscore a fun product that was not made for the DJ or Audiophile.”– Charles Pyott on Coroflot
…not that innovative really, considering the PS-F5 and PS-F9 both had a small turntable and clamping system, and were around 26 years ago!Being able to plug it directly into a computer via USB for sound and power, or a USB power adapter and regular jack connections to an amplifier are good options that could make this a winner for convenience with today’s younger vinyl owners. If the price was right.More info & images on the designer’s website.Via Yanko Design

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  1. January 25th, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Sony PS-F5, PS-F9 & Flamingo Portable Linear Tracking Turntables - New Turntable- The (semi?) Portable Love Says:

    […] Looks like this design might actually make it to production (unlike other vapourware such as the Linos). […]

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