New Purchase – Sony APM 090 Speakers

I recently bought a pair of these portable speakers from eBay. They’re a bit rough, but they work OK. Was just doing a bit of digging around online and found this image on AudioIdiots from the German 1984 Sony brochure:

They sound pretty good for their size. Powered by a 6 V AC adapter or 4 x C cells in the left hand speaker which houses the amplifying circuitry. I was initially a bit stumped as to why the right hand speaker also had a battery cover, space for 4 cells and the metal contacts for the speakers until I noticed a sticker stating “Put the spare batteries here”! So it’s both a way for Sony to save production costs by only having one moulding they used for both speakers and a way to carry a spare set of cells should you wish. I guess the metal springs & contacts are to stop the cells rattling around in there. The leads are both integral (main signal in and lead from right speaker which plugs into the left speaker with a mono 3.5mm jack. There’s room for them to stow away under the battery doors so they’re neat when not being used. They’ve also got wall hanging points, so I could mount them either side of my wall hung PS-F5 if I was so inclined…

Sadly I didn’t receive the carry handle, but happily both have their original “It’s a Sony” sticker.

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