Protect Your Battery Terminals

Yesterday I was installing a new HTPC here at home. When looking up the best way to install the coax satellite cable’s F Connectors, I found this page on the use of silicone grease, which linked to this page of other uses. This section caught my eye:

Leaking battery cells will cause the spring contacts to corrode. You can help prevent this by coating the contacts with silicone grease.

You can use it in any equipment that uses battery cells – from remote controls, model boats, model cars to hearing aids.

Seems like a sensible, easy and cheap precaution to take on our turntables to me.

I plan to add a maintenance section to this site one day to which I’ll add this, but in the meantime I thought I’d post this info here as it may help others and to remind me to add it to a more permanent part of the site one day.

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