New(ish) PS-F5 for sale on U.S. eBay

This is being sold as new, only out of the box once to photo & test.

What doesn’t quite add up to me is why the seller would have removed the It’s A Sony sticker from the front of the player and stuck it on the cardboard box. Weird. Anyway, I guess you could try to stick it back on, but I doubt it would go back all that cleanly.

So if money’s no object and you want an almost Fresh-Out-the-Box clean example, throw in a bid now.

It only received one bid, but sold for US $1,200.00!

The eBay page with the auction completed.

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One Response to “New(ish) PS-F5 for sale on U.S. eBay”

  1. October 12th, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Andy Newer Says:

    Man, the price being asked for and the fact someone DID bid on it means this will create a major inflation on the price of PS-F5 for future ebay auctions.

    Maybe it will be a bubble, but I think with this new record set, almost $500 more than the usual selling price, would create a new plateau for how much these things are worth.

    Someone just write to SONY to revive this and the PS-F9, the Indie market would kill to have these babies mass produced again.

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