Many reasons for disappearing record shops

The UK’s Independent newspaper has an interesting story about the disappearance of record shops in London’s Soho. It’s more complicated than just being a lack of customers.

The revolution that killed Soho’s record shops

Thankfully, Brighton & Hove in the UK (where I live) seems to be going against the grain as usual (which is one reason it’s such a great place to live) and I have recently discovered two new record shops that have opened in the last year: Up Tight Records on Sackville Road in Hove (01273 774 832) and Monkey Music Emporium on Baker Street in Brighton (07814 955 217). Monkey Music is also selling a great range of quality turntables and Hi-Fi. Resident Music on Kensington Gardens in Brighton has also started stocking vinyl again.

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  1. August 22nd, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Sony PS-F5 Portable Linear Tracking Turntable - More good news for Brighton (UK) vinyl buyers Says:

    […] good news for Brighton (UK) vinyl buyers In addition to the 2 new record shops which have opened in our town in the last year, Resident Music in Kensington Gardens, Brighton has […]

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