What’s the best way to ensure High Fidelity from my PS-F5/9?

As with any turntable, the PS-F5/9 should be located a safe distance from the speakers. The speakers should not be placed on the same surface as the turntable (unless that surface is incredibly stable and won’t pick up the vibrations from the speakers – a huge slab of marble would be OK!) This is even more critical with the PS-F5/9 than a normal turntable as there is no dust cover to keep the sound’s vibrations away from being picked up by the vinyl or any other part of the PS-F5/9. So it’s also a good idea for it to be behind the speakers.

Mounting on a wall can be a good idea, either using the in-built mounting points, or by using your turntable on a sturdy wall mounted shelf. This is best if the wall’s fairly solid and not likely to be moving around with the sound’s vibrations. (if it’s a plasterboard/sheetrock/drywall constructed wall, try to locate one of the wooden studs and screw into that).

Brandon Kelley’s vertically mounted PS-F5

The louder you play the music, the more likely it is for the sound to find its way to feed back into the stylus and distort playback. at low volumes you can get away with not having to be too careful about all of this. Keeping the turntable as isolated as possible from the speakers will minimise distortion caused by feedback as much as possible.

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