Do you know where I can get my PS-F5 or PS-F9 repaired?

Fortunately I have not needed to get my PS-F5 repaired. I have asked at 2 places local to me here in the UK who both said they would be willing to try to repair a PS-F5 or PS-F9 as long as they had the service manual. I have always asked people from around the world who have contacted me through this site to let me know if they find someone who is willing and able to repair these turntables. Sadly, I have not heard back from anyone as yet. It would be great to add a directory of worldwide repair shops that can take on these devices, but so far that’s not happened. If you’ve had any luck having your device repaired, please get in touch and let me know.

If you’re in the USA, you may be interested in this info that Daniel provided me with:

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know of an electronics repair shop which fixed my completely broken Sony PS-F5 to full working condition. The store is called Hyles audio, and it is located at 93 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City, NY”

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