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Do you know how to fix my PS-F5 or PS-F9?

Sadly, probably not. My advice when people ask this is to find a local independent repair shop and take them the service manual. Hopefully you’ll find someone nearby who is interested in your unusual record player and will be willing to try to repair it for you.

I need a spare part- can you help?

I do have some spares available from a donor PS-F5 – contact me with your requirements and I’ll get back to you with availability. Bear in mind that I’m in the UK, so factor in delivery to other countries.

Otherwise, the only way I know of obtaining spares for these items is to purchase a non-working model to cannibalise for parts. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be cheap as even units being sold as non-working are commanding high prices on eBay. If you do decide to pursue this route and have parts that are surplus to your requirements, let me know and I may be interested in purchasing, or can offer them to others through this website.