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Questions about other devices on this website

Other related/interesting devices are sometimes mentioned or featured within the blog section. All the info I know is on those pages. Unless it says so specifically, I don’t know what they’re worth or have any spares.

If you have a question you’d like other visitors to see in the hope that they might be able to help you, feel free to leave a comment on that page rather than sending me an email as I won’t be able to help.

Does the Sony PS-F5 / PS-F9 Play 180g Vinyl OK?


I’ve tested this on my PS-F5 and it plays without a problem. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t play on an F9 if it plays on an F5.

What’s the best way to ensure High Fidelity from my PS-F5/9?

As with any turntable, the PS-F5/9 should be located a safe distance from the speakers. The speakers should not be placed on the same surface as the turntable (unless that surface is incredibly stable and won’t pick up the vibrations from the speakers – a huge slab of marble would be OK!) This is even more critical with the PS-F5/9 than a normal turntable as there is no dust cover to keep the sound’s vibrations away from being picked up by the vinyl or any other part of the PS-F5/9. So it’s also a good idea for it to be behind the speakers.

Mounting on a wall can be a good idea, either using the in-built mounting points, or by using your turntable on a sturdy wall mounted shelf. This is best if the wall’s fairly solid and not likely to be moving around with the sound’s vibrations. (if it’s a plasterboard/sheetrock/drywall constructed wall, try to locate one of the wooden studs and screw into that).

Brandon Kelley’s vertically mounted PS-F5

The louder you play the music, the more likely it is for the sound to find its way to feed back into the stylus and distort playback. at low volumes you can get away with not having to be too careful about all of this. Keeping the turntable as isolated as possible from the speakers will minimise distortion caused by feedback as much as possible.

Do you know how much my PS-F5/9 or other item is worth?

I see what sort of prices PS-F5s and F9s are getting on eBay. I try to post a selection of these to the Blog page, so check there for some recent examples. There is no guarantee of achieving any price when selling one of these, as with anything it’s worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. For example, one month you might get lucky and have three people bid warring over your item, driving the price up. The next month, two of those three people happen to be away on holiday and there’s only one person bidding- meaning you get a far lower price. It’s all a bit of a gamble. That said, if yours is clean and boxed, you can expect to get a good amount of money (£300/US$500+ for a PS-F5/ £500/US$750 for a PS-F9).

As for other turntables or items mentioned on the site, I have no idea. Sorry.

Do you know how to fix my PS-F5 or PS-F9?

Sadly, probably not. My advice when people ask this is to find a local independent repair shop and take them the service manual. Hopefully you’ll find someone nearby who is interested in your unusual record player and will be willing to try to repair it for you.

I need a spare part- can you help?

I do have some spares available from a donor PS-F5 – contact me with your requirements and I’ll get back to you with availability. Bear in mind that I’m in the UK, so factor in delivery to other countries.

Otherwise, the only way I know of obtaining spares for these items is to purchase a non-working model to cannibalise for parts. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be cheap as even units being sold as non-working are commanding high prices on eBay. If you do decide to pursue this route and have parts that are surplus to your requirements, let me know and I may be interested in purchasing, or can offer them to others through this website.

Do you know where I can get my PS-F5 or PS-F9 repaired?

Fortunately I have not needed to get my PS-F5 repaired. I have asked at 2 places local to me here in the UK who both said they would be willing to try to repair a PS-F5 or PS-F9 as long as they had the service manual. I have always asked people from around the world who have contacted me through this site to let me know if they find someone who is willing and able to repair these turntables. Sadly, I have not heard back from anyone as yet. It would be great to add a directory of worldwide repair shops that can take on these devices, but so far that’s not happened. If you’ve had any luck having your device repaired, please get in touch and let me know.

If you’re in the USA, you may be interested in this info that Daniel provided me with:

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know of an electronics repair shop which fixed my completely broken Sony PS-F5 to full working condition. The store is called Hyles audio, and it is located at 93 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City, NY”

Can I use a photo or text from this website?

Yes you can, on the condition that you attribute the photo or copy (text) to this website, add a link back to https://ps-f5.com and let me know. Please contact me if you are not sure or would like further info.

Can you add a link to my eBay auction?

Sure, if you send me the link through the contact page I’ll add it to the site if I am around and able. Not just eBay auctions either- if you’ve got one for sale online wherever I’ll add a link if I can.

Are you anything to do with Sony?

No, just someone who likes these devices and couldn’t find much info about them online. I started this site in July 2009 as a place to collect any info I could find, help others and ideally allow anyone else to add their own info. If you have anything you would like to add to the site, just get in touch and I’ll make you an account to the website so you can add your own content. Or you can always email it through to me if you’d prefer.

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